Parents Teaching Math At An Early Age

Math is a subject that is feared among many but it is important that it is taught early to prevent such negative perceptions. An effective teacher can make any subject matter interesting and math is no exception. Preparing kids properly opens opportunities later in life.

Take Braeden Young, an adolescent in New York City. Braeden was given opportunities to learn math at age three. Now 13 years old, Braeden is in a private school for the gifted in mathematics. He noted that when his parents taught him math before reaching schools he gained confidence that has continued till today. While his memory is limited from that young age he was still able to remember his parents working with him on basic fractions and subtraction.

Studies show that when math is taught early (before preschool) that the child is well ahead of their peers. This advantage can continue well into the 12th grade. This opens doors to careers in engineering, chemistry, biology, economics, and other math-heavy subjects. Also, this confidence that the child gains spills over into other subjects; namely, science, computer programming, economics, statistics, music, and more. Children who learn math early are more likely to develop stronger reasoning and logic skills, as well as critical thinking skills.

Even if you are a parent with an aversion to math, there are plenty of inexpensive teaching tools to teach children on basic math principles. Youtube contains videos on teaching math problems. Toys made by companies such as Baby Einstein can be found online or in stores like Babies R Us. Or using simple counting and subtraction methods using candies can provide a good incentive for kids to learn. Also, talk to other parents who have had young children and find tips for what they did to teach their children. Learning from your peers is a very practical approach and great to find effective (or ineffective) ways to teach your children.

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