Scholarship Opportunities at National American University


Everyone deserves an education. Since our inception in 1941, we at National American University have strived to provide everyone the opportunity to succeed. That is the American Way. We understand that for many applicants, a college education can be daunting finance-wise. You not only have to pay for tuition, but also books, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous costs that are necessary to getting a degree. It’s for this reason why we offer a number of scholarships to help new and current students to offset some of their education costs, so they can concentrate on what matters – getting a college degree and living your dream, whatever that may be.

Before we discuss scholarships offered by National American University, we would like to recommend readers of websites like, Peterson’s,, and the United States Department of Labor scholarship search page. There you will find general scholarships as well as myriad opportunities based off a number of factors, including ethnicity, civic groups, religious affiliations etc. You should also look into your own network of groups and organizations. Many churches and civic groups do offer scholarships, so this might be a good way to find scholarships in your area.

National American University offers a number of scholarships too. Two of our more prominent scholarships programs are our Dean Scholarship Program (DEAN) and our Intensive Degree Initiative Scholarship Program (IDIS). Both scholarships are available to students who meet the eligibility requirements. For example, both programs require students to be enrolled at least 13.5 hours per term, and students must achieve a certain grade point average to qualify for the reward.

If you have always wanted to enroll in a two or four-year degree program to fulfill your education goals and take on new challenges, financing your education is one hurdle that you can overcome. There are a wide variety of scholarships out there in addition to grants, work-study opportunities, military aid, and Federal loans available to cover your education costs. All research indicates that the more education you have, the more you’ll make over the course of your lifetime. Make an investment in yourself and enroll in one our on-campus or online college courses today.

For more information about all of the scholarship opportunities available to National American University, please visit our scholarships page.